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Small Business Funding

currency_bigOne of the biggest issues small businesses always seem to run into is a lack of funds. Whether it’s for expanding their operation, hiring staff or advertising, there’s almost never enough money to go around when it comes time to grow the business.

As an advertising agency, we tend to see a lot of the smaller businesses cut back on marketing expenses first. This is the wrong approach, but it’s understandable when it happens. As an agency that specializes in performance marketing it’s generally easier for us to show the positive ROI for internet marketing.

Now we’ve got another solution for when small business owners need extra funds – Once per month, membership opens up to new or existing small business owners. Even if you’ve never set up a legal business entity you’ll get walked through the entire process at minimal cost.

You’ll be able to sign up for weekly alerts and subscribe to different funding source feeds, including small business grants from local, state, national or foundational source. Probably the best part of the whole deal though is the software that comes included that makes it a breeze to apply for FREE MONEY that you never have to pay back. The various government agencies give away hundreds of billions of dollars each year that never need to be repaid, but the paperwork to apply can be overly complicated.

The best way to navigate the maze of applications and requirements is to partner with experts in the field, so check out and signup. If registration is closed you can try again later, but keep in mind that the number of spots in each program is limited so it’s best not to wait.