Internet Marketing

Need more traffic to your site? Want to get more of those visitors to convert? That's what we do.


Here at Brainsell Developments, we focus on performance marketing, a specialized branch of internet marketing that involves tracking revenues and expenses in real time, in order to provide daily ROI figures for all advertising campaigns.

We do not “throw things at the wall” and hope that something sticks. We assume that our clients can not afford to lose money, so we optimize campaigns in real time, which enables us to stop spending money immediately on under performing tactics, and then reallocate the resources to the tactics that are performing well.

  • We optimize Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on the major search engines, as well as on various content networks that traditional advertisers rarely use.
  • We create Display Advertising campaigns to target individual sites and ad networks in order to make use of display banners and in-line text ads.
  • We develop Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns for long term traffic gains and increased exposure.
  • We manage Social Media campaigns, and that means a lot more than setting up a Facebook and Twitter account.
  • We produce Email Marketing campaigns in order to extract more of a lifetime value from each customer.
  • We offer Reputation Management services to bury or eliminate negative reviews and information about our clients online.
  • We handle Web Design & Hosting needs for our clients to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We use these tools like any tradesman uses theirs. We realize that there is always a tool for a certain job, and that if you use the wrong tool, you will not be pleased with the results. Our focus is primarily on improving the bottom line of small local businesses, and all of our services are intended and priced with small business owners in mind.

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