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Remarketing with Google Display Network

If you aren’t remarketing you’re leaving money on the table.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, maybe I should explain what it is, in case you don’t know. Remarketing is simply showing ads to a visitor that didn’t convert when they came to your site. It can seem kind of stalker-ish when you realize the same ad is following you around the Internet, but it is effective, and cheap – so you should definitely incorporate it into your strategy.

Google Display Network

Most ad networks have the ability to remarket built into their platforms, but since the Google Display Network reaches 80% of all Internet traffic, we’ll focus on them.

First of all – why should you remarket? Well, these are visitors that have already demonstrated an interest in your product or service by showing up on your page. Therefore – we know they’re at least somewhat interested. like any other data, this is useful. Just like your ad creative would be different depending on the age, sex, race etc of your target market, your creative should be different for people that have decided not to buy the first time. And since we’re displaying ads based on a cookie, rather than keywords, we can display on sites that aren’t necessarily relevant to our product, simply because the user has shown an interest.

Be sure to check the placement reports and do an analysis on the demographics of the sites showing up as higher volume display sites for your ads. You can then create a personality profile and craft your creative accordingly to better target the traffic.

Make sure to use text ads and image ads when you set up your remarketing campaign. Kissmetrics has an extremely detailed walk-through for setting up a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network. Be sure to set up targeting lists based on where in the funnel you lost them and after you get them to convert, be sure to add them to a negative list so you don’t keep showing the ads to them.

New Features for the Google Display Network

Aside from the remarketing, be sure to make use of the new tools that Google integrated recently. First – Relative CTR will show you how your ad compares to other ads in similar placements (so you can see whether it’s the placement that sucks – or just your ad).

Also, they’ve integrated Impression Share so you can see how many impressions you’re missing out – and why (ie budget, day-parting etc).

Finally, the Unseen Impression Filter will not count impressions against your budget if they aren’t seen. This is particularly useful for below the fold placements which tend to not actually be seen, even though you pay for the impression. However, Google is using a “likelihood algorithm” to determine if the ad was seen since it doesn’t actually know. Although this will cut down on impressions you have to pay for, CPM will probably increase since the traffic quality is improved.

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