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9 Secrets to Great Copywriting

Great CopywritingGreat copywriting can make or break an advertising campaign, so it’s very important for any Internet Marketer to master these 9 Copywriting tips in order to write more effective copy.

The biggest reason you need to be a good copywriter online is because there are millions of websites fighting for people’s attention so you’re gonna have to draw them in if you expect them to link to your site. The upside to writing copy online however is the ability to use tracking to see what works and what doesn’t, which will enable you to hone your craft.

Now here’s a quick bulleted list of the tips we’re going to cover for those with ADD:

  • #1 -Use pictures – especially eye-catching photos like a tongue that needs to be zipped back up. Also, people love charts and graphs, infographics and we’ll even include video in this section. As an added bonus, these things will help with SEO so make sure to optimize with file names, alt tags etc.
  • #2 – Use numbers – for instance, “9 Secrets to Great Copywriting” sounds like something worth reading. Anything worth reading is more likely to get linked to, which will bring in better rankings and more visitors.
  • #3 – Use lists – bulleted or numbered lists work well for people that need their info summed up for them. Such as this one here – I decided against a paragraph or two on each point because nobody would actually read it.
  • #4 – Break up your text – 42% of readers won’t read more than 2 paragraphs of uninterrupted text. To better engage your readers and to get them to actually read more of your copy, be sure to break up the text with pictures and lists as mentioned above, along with sub headlines covering each main point.
  • #5 – Ask a question in the headline – How? Where? Why? Then go on to answer it in body of the content. You can also use the non-question variation of this trick such as “How Great Copywriting Will Increase Your Revenue”.
  • #6 – FREE! – Give something away because some people would line up for camel dung if you offer it for free. It doesn’t have to be of any great value (although the better the quality, the better this will work), but if you’re looking to get opt-ins for your newsletter for instance, offer a free ebook if they sign up for it.
  • #7 – Basic formatting – yes it’s basic, but Bold, italics and highlighting still works well when used sparingly to emphasize important points. You want certain things to stand out in your copy, but don’t overdo it or it will have the reverse effect.
  • #8 – Insert quotes – customer or product reviews or just relevant quotes add authority and authenticity to your copy. Anything you can do to make it look like somebody else likes what you’re selling triggers the herd instinct in people and leads to more sales.
  • #9 – Read CashvertisingCashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman will improve your copywriting and marketing skills more than anything else. Read it. Then read it again. Thank me later.

There you have it – now if you can’t earn a good living online after mastering these 9 Copywriting tips, maybe Internet Marketing isn’t your thing.