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Internet Marketing and Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising and Internet MarketingGoogle just came out with some interesting numbers regarding smartphone usage and interaction with advertising. They based their study around 5,000 adult smartphone users who regularly use their phones to access the Internet. They broke down users into three groups:

  • Action-oriented searchers
  • Local information seekers
  • Purchase-driven shoppers

Mobile Advertising and Search

According to their numbers, 90 percent of the mobile search users take some sort of action with over half of them leading to a purchase. These numbers are huge and should not be discounted. It makes sense too, since often people are searching from their smartphones while they are already out of the house and in a purchase-mode. For instance, here’s some of the most popular search types performed from a mobile device:

  • Dining – 51%
  • Entertainment – 49%
  • Shopping – 47%
  • Travel – 31%
  • Finance – 26%
  • Automotive – 17%

As you can see, these are people in buying mode and since over half of these users make a purchase after a search, this means big money for local search for those businesses able to harness the new technology. Most small business owners tend to be ignorant about the opportunities available, so trying to convince them of the value isn’t always easy but these numbers don’t lie.

Local Search

The second major group which is referred to as local information seekers. 88% of these local information seekers take action within a day and check out these numbers:

  • 95% are seeking local information
  • 61% call a local business
  • 59% visit a local business
  • 44% make a purchase from a local business

Small businesses can not afford to ignore these numbers.

Shopping with a Smartphone

Most respondents use their phone during the shopping and purchasing process.

  • 79% use their phones to help with shopping
  • 74% end up making a purchase
  • 70% use their phones while already in a store

The average amount spent on these purchases was $300 per shopper. Connecting these smaller, local businesses with the customers in their area is the holy grail of Internet Marketing.

Google explains the numbers

Mobile Advertising Interaction

Now for the most important thing for us – advertising interaction.

  • 82% of users noticed mobile ads
  • 49% made a purchase
  • 42% clicked on an ad
  • 35% went to a related website
  • 27% contacted the business

As technology improves, the importance of mobile advertising for local businesses will only increase. The Internet marketers and ad agencies involved have a huge opportunity while influencing Internet Ad Spend to not only make a lot of money for themselves, but to really help with the exposure of some great local businesses.